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The world's most advanced virtual reality neurosurgery simulator

CAE NeuroVR™ Neurosurgical Training Simulator

NeuroVR enables neurosurgeons and residents to practice and develop expert skills in open cranial and endoscopic brain surgery within an immersive, VR training environment. With modules that replicate realistic instruments, imaging, and open neurosurgical procedures, NeuroVR allows risk-free, self-directed practice resulting in reduced medical errors and better patient outcomes.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Advanced, user-friendly, graphical interface with virtual reality environment and touchscreen technology

Instrument Handling

Develop instrument handling skills (microscissors for microsurgery, tumor resection, and more)

Haptic Feedback

Learners access tactile feedback directly through their fingertips

Dynamic Performance Measurements

Capture objective metrics and measure proficiency in procedures (ventricular landmarks, nasal navigation, etc)

Heightened Realism

Experience realistic sounds, lens blurring and see lifelike renderings of brain tissue, vessels and tumors

Flexible Usage Parameters

Easily switch between steroscopic microscope view and/or 2D indirect endoscopic view

additional features

  • Meet certification requirements and master new techniques
  • Adjustable ergonomic design
  • Original instruments include ultrasonic aspirator and bipolar forceps
  • 3 Hemostasis cases
  • 4 Tumor debulking cases
  • 2 Tumor resection cases
  • 3 Meningioma cases
  • Ethmoidectomy training

NeuroVR Surgical Simulator

How and Why the CAE NeuroVR Surgical Simulator Was Developed


What Our Customers Are Saying

"To my knowledge, in the world, there is nothing close to this neurosurgery simulator"

Rolando Del Maestro, MD
Neurosurgical Simulation Research and Training Centre, McGill University


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