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Setting the standard for innovation and risk-free training

Whether through lifelike features or responsive physiology, our patient simulation line sets the standard for realism, accuracy and innovation, allowing learners and interprofessional teams to develop critical thinking, communication and clinical skills without risk to real patients

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Pioneering ultrasound training solutions for better patient outcomes

CAE Healthcare's dynamic suite of ultrasound training solutions shorten the path to imaging competency and allow users to gain experience and confidence assessing a broad range of patients and pathologies

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Virtual Training Promotes Proficiency and Confidence

Practice minimally invasive surgical and surgical procedures without risk to real patients

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Performance Improvement for Training Environments

Grow and develop your simulation learning environment, your faculty and your learners. CAE Healthcare's audiovisual center management solutions cover all of your simulation debriefing needs with multiple configuration options designed to specifically meet your needs.

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CAE is Your Training Partner of Choice for Turnkey Solutions

CAE Healthcare offers an unprecedented full array of products and professional services to meet your objectives relating to clinical preparation, quality and patient safety. Our turnkey solution services range from strategic advice to complete project delivery. Make CAE Healthcare your training partner of choice.

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