Introducing CAE Juno QuickStart

Why struggle to pull together everything you needed for comprehensive clinical skills development when a complete solution is available right now - at significant savings to you? Juno QuickStart is a value-added package that fulfills all your clinical skills training needs.

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CAE Healthcare is committed to advancing medical training and education for today’s healthcare practitioners and learners. We develop simulation-based technologies, curriculum and resources that improve clinical performance. 

With an emphasis on innovative solutions, simulation expertise and world class support, we deliver products and services to help prepare interprofessional clinical teams. Our solutions are designed to improve confidence, competency and teamwork for better patient outcomes.

A mission to improve patient safety and outcomes

A mission to improve patient safety and outcomes

We design, build and educate on products for patient simulation, surgical simulation, ultrasound simulation and clinical simulation management.

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Practice Without Risk to Patients


Products »

We offer realistic simulation environments and center management tools with most advanced technologies for effective learning.


Services »

Our team tailors solutions for hospitals, schools and training centers that seek to improve clinical performance and outcomes.


Education »

From faculty-developed courses to a healthcare simulation fellowship, we support your development as an educator and advocate for simulation-based learning.

CAE Healthcare Advantages

We're passionate about improving healthcare education and patient safety, and we also offer a few unique benefits.


Innovation »

We are a company of "firsts" and the known leaders in integrating new technologies and best practices into simulation.


Resources »

We are a go-to resource for learning, support and professional development within a global healthcare simulation community.


Expertise »

Our diverse Academy of clinical educators offers unrivaled peer-to-peer faculty training, support and consulting for any size simulation center.


Training For Life™ »

All of our patient simulators come with free training for all of your faculty for the life of the simulator.


Community »

More than 10,000 people have attended our Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) conferences worldwide, and many of our customers are leaders in the field of simulation.


Support »

Our support team is based around the world, and customers consistently express a high degree of satisfaction with their service.

What's New

CAE LucinaAR with Microsoft HoloLens

The world’s first childbirth simulator with augmented reality and integrated mother-baby physiology

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Juno QuickStart

For a limited time, we’re offering CAE Juno in a value-added package specially designed to satisfy your clinical skills training requirements.

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Manage better outcomes for Nursing and Allied Health

Streamline your scheduling, assessment and video-enhanced debrief this year with our new CAE LearningSpace Essentials solution

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Microsoft HoloLens and VimedixAR

Learn why we chose the Microsoft HoloLens to enhance our Vimedix ultrasound simulation! 

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Event Calendar

HPSN UK 2018

Join us in June to celebrate and network with educators, technologists, technicians, facilitators, nurses, doctors, midwives, allied health, patient safety leads et al, to celebrate simulation technology and education. Register today!

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